Application for Ascertaining Correct Birth Time

This service is only available if the birth time is known within a range of four hours. Learn more

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Application for Myself

IMPORTANT: This application needs to be completed in one sitting before you log off. A partially completed form cannot be saved. Print this form to use as a worksheet while obtaining all of the information required. Then, return to this web page to fill in all fields accurately and completely.
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Your Personal Information

Your Birth Location

Please give the present name of your birth city or town. In case this name was different at the time of your birth, please give the former name also, but in parentheses (....).

If you were born in a town with less than 10,000 population, then indicate below the nearest town larger than 10,000 population, and the distance and direction in miles or kilometers from this town to your birthplace.

For example: 18 miles northeast of Lexington, Kentucky.

Your Birth Details

Please give a date and time range during which you may have been born. This time range should be no longer than four hours:

                                See below for more Daylight Savings Time Details

Please enter any birth times that may have been reported by any source. If applicable you can enter times from more than one source.

Birth Time #1    

Please list here any other information about the possible date of birth, including any special situation regarding Daylight Savings Time, if applicable.

NOTE: If born in Illinois, Indiana, or Pennsylvania between 1940 and 1956 and between April and November, please verify whether the birth time was recorded in Standard or Daylight Savings Time. (Those states required hospitals to record births in Standard Time even though Daylight Savings Time was in effect. However, not all hospitals followed this law. Therefore it is important to see if the time is documented as Standard Time or Daylight Savings Time.) In the following field you may list and explain whether it was recorded as Daylight Savings Time or Standard Times.

Date and duration of any serious illnesses:

Health Issue #1                      

Loss of any close relatives:

Relative #1           

Birth dates of sons and daughters:

Child #1           

Please fill in the following sections carefully. The first section below requests information only about your elder siblings. The second section requests information about your younger siblings.

In this section, please add information only about your elder siblings.

Elder Sibling #1           

In this section, please add information only about your younger siblings.

Younger Sibling #1           

Your Participation in the Transcendental Meditation® (TM®) Program

Date of learning TM (if applicable):


Date of Becoming a TM Program Teacher (if applicable):


Dates of major journeys abroad:

Journey #1                      

Major Losses:

Loss #1           

Major Gains:

Gain #1           

Highest educational degree:


Any break in education:

Break #1                      



Previous change of occupation (if applicable)

Occupation #1                      

Have you received any inheritance?

Inheritance #1           

Dates of marriage:

Marriage #1           

Dates of other auspicious events:

Auspicious Event #1           

Dates of Inauspicious Events:

Inauspicious Event #1           

List at least 8 to 10 major events in your life

At least 8 to 10 major events in your life are required to reliably ascertain your birth time. It is very important that exact dates are provided. For example: changes in residence, fortunate events, outstanding achievements, or major transformations.

Event #1           

Unusual Circumstances

Please list below any times where you learned about an event well after the event occurred. List the event and the date you learned about it.

Describe your personal characteristics

Body Height:

Body Weight:

What is the general color of your skin?

Note the character and location of any distinctive marks (moles, freckles, scars) or physical features

Affected physical organs (include dates of any operations or other major health events)

What Are Your Hobbies

Decision making patterns: *

Relationship over your whole life with the following relatives:

Supplemental Information:

To complete your application, you'll be asked to upload a recent picture of the applicant, preferably head to toe. Informal attire is fine.

IMPORTANT: Be sure to review all information to make sure that it is accurate, then print this application.
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If you need to make changes to your application after submitting it online, send an email with the updated information to the Maharishi Jyotish Program at