Vastu Muhurta

A Vastu Muhurta will help you select the most favorable moment to begin a Maharishi Vastu-related activity such as groundbreaking, laying a foundation stone, or moving into a new home or building. Learn more

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Application for Myself

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Determination of a Vastu Muhurta is based on the information in your Comprehensive Birth Chart, along with additional information that you submit below. If you have not completed a Comprehensive Birth Chart application, you can submit that information as part of this form. If you would later like to upgrade to a full Comprehensive Birth Chart in order to take advantage of other Maharishi Jyotish services, you can do so for $150.00.

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Choose one of the following purposes for the Muhurta

Range of Dates

Indicate the range of dates that you would like for selection of your Muhurta. The longer the time intervals you provide, the greater the possibility of finding the most auspicious starting time. Note that the earliest and latest possible dates entered could also be chosen.

You can choose two intervals of time.

First Choice


Second Choice


Dates and Times to Avoid

Please enter specific dates instead of holiday names. Some examples:

  • Not on a Saturday or Sunday or other specific days of the week
  • Not on specific dates (give the date of any holiday)
  • Not during specific times of the day (e.g. not during office hours)

Suggested Dates

You may suggest a date or dates on which you would like to have the Muhurta. This date will only be selected if it is the most auspicious date. You can suggest a holiday name like “Akshaya Tritiya 2018”, or for a date, enter the day, month name and year, as in “27 October 2017”.

Location of the Event

Please spell out names of states, provinces and cities rather than use a postal abbreviation.

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