Nam-Karan Application Form

The Nam-Karan service provides the first syllable for the name of a newborn child, or for a new business or organization. Learn more

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Application for A Newborn Child

You can print a copy of this application to use as a worksheet while you gather the requested information. Click here to print your worksheet

Before applying, you will need to research the birth date, time, and location of the child for whom the Nam-Karan will be determined. Click here for help on collecting birth information

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Last Name and Birth Location of the Child

If the child was born in a town with less than 10,000 population, then indicate below the nearest town larger than 10,000 population, and the distance and direction in miles or kilometers from this town to the birthplace.
For example: 18 miles northeast of Lexington, Kentucky.

Birth Date and Time of the Child


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If you need to make changes to your application after submitting it online, send an email with the updated information to the Maharishi Jyotish Program at